TMA Community Outreach Program Presents


The Movement Alliance is proud to share with the community the enrichment and joy of creative dance composition and choreography.  The company is eager to work in the schools and with other non-profit organizations specializing in at-risk populations.

TMA has successfully facilitated this workshop at the NC Schools of the Arts – celebrating National Dance Week in 2006;  as well as Youth United Day in the Park – featuring non-violent conflict resolution.

The Immediate Dance Workshop / Assembly / Performance can be one in 1.5 hours;  3 hours/ or a day -long workshop;  depending on the needs of the school.

The Immediate Dance Workshop runs in the following order:

1)  TMA dancers perform a fun and acrobatic piece, in costume, to inspire the students with the desire to move.

2)  The students join TMA in a brief warm-up

3)  The students are separated into groups with one TMA dancer leading each group.

4)  The main workshop facilitator shows various creative movement skills which the other TMA dancers demonstrate for the students to learn.

5)  The students work with these choreographic, creative movement skills further in their specific groups to compose movement phrases for an extended period of time. ***During this time the students practice group problem solving, camaraderie, teamwork, and creativity in a fun and safe environment, with their TMA dancer leading the group.

6)  The groups are called back together and show each other their finished product or €œcomposition.

If the school or organization opts for the larger time frame (ie.  3 hours or a full day workshop) the TMA dancers then can compose an even larger piece, fusing the different groups compositions into and entire work, which can be performed for the rest of the school, parents, family, teachers, etc in an assembly or performance.

Please feel free to contact TMA with questions.