The Movement Alliance Dance Theatre Company is:

Lovie Bucknell, Director;  Marni Marshall, Associate Director;  Marissa Hernandez, Associate Choreographer and Junior Company Director;  Brianna Cohn, Rehearsal Director;  Aubrey Puetz and Sara Mora, Company Members.  Junior Company:  Brooke Holland, Natalie Heileman,  and Catherine Rosenberg.


The Movement Alliance  (TMA) was founded in 2002 in Grass Valley, Ca.  by Marianne Reagan, Tresa Honaker, Marni Marshall and Lovie Bucknell, to provide a showcase for these 4 choreographers through annual concerts at the Center for the Arts.


At this time, Honaker found her passion for aerial dance as well, and went on to form AirAligned aerial dance group.  AirAligned has graced the stage as guest artists in many of TMA’s annual concerts at the Center for the Arts, as well as performing to sold out houses in shows of their own locally and on tour.


Reagan choreographed many works (from comedy to heart wrenching) for TMA from 2002 to 2005.  TMA is forever thankful as Reagan provided a home for TMA from 2003 to 2007 at her studio, Moving Ground.  Reagan transcended from Choreographer / Associate Director to Consultant and Sponsor to TMA in 2005.


Marshall has also been an aerialist in AirAligned since 2002, and has choreographed many works for TMA over the past decade including a piece with both TMA and AirAligned on the floor and in the air.  (Circularity, 2003).  With a degree in Fine Arts, Marshall’s talents are shown in the creation of all of TMA’s posters and graphic design.  Marshall currently teaches Intro to Dance and Creative Movement for Toddlers at TMA School.


In 2005, Marissa Hernandez joined TMA and one year later, was promoted to Associate Choreographer. Since 2005 Hernandez also created many moving works for TMA.  Hernandez’s latest work has been collaborating with family members, Jonathan Richman and Jason Wilkinson, (The Red Poppy, 2012) in a premier to be unveiled at TMA’s 10th anniversary concert.


In 2006, TMA was ready to become a smaller company with only 6 dancers, rather than a choreographers’ showcase, with a large cast.


In 2008 Hernandez, Marshall, and Bucknell founded TMA School at the Nevada City Oddfellows Hall as a place that dancers in the company could work in their fields through dance instruction;  with Bucknell as Director, Marshall as Associate Director and Hernandez as General Manager.  This year Hernandez founded TMA Junior Company.  And this year Hernandez and Bucknell each had babies.


TMA has engaged in profit sharing with dancers in the company since 2004 when the company gained a 501c3 non-profit organization status.  The company has performed for a multitude of benefits for other non-profit organizations and causes throughout the years, as well as collaborated with many talented musicians and poets.


Bucknell’s hunger for choreographic work has also been fed since 2002 and TMA’s success is her driving force.  Bucknell’s inspiration is derived from the professional companies of San Francisco, New York City, LA, and Europe, as they are her model.  Bucknell has studied from the directors of these companies in the bay area since TMA was founded and has been a dance consultant for the Center for the Arts for the past two years;  bringing professional dance to Nevada County through facilitation of residencies and concerts.  Currently she is happy to share her love for local artists through dance in TMA’s 10 year anniversary concert.




2002-Light Waves (launch)


2003-Shades of Being (first year together)


2004-E-Motion (second year together)


2005-Turnabout (third year together)


2006-Cohesion (fourth year together)


2007-Ritorno De Novo (fifth year together)


2008-Small Town / TMA School founded (sixth complete year)


2009 -in house holiday show and spring shows(seventh year)


2010- in house holiday show and spring shows (eighth year)


2011- in house holiday show and spring shows (ninth year )


2012-10th Year Anniversary Show (beginning of 2012 marks tenth complete year;

end of 2012 marks 11th complete year)