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Dance Technique Class- Class Details- Janine Trinidad 2013



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Movement Workshop-'Extended Movement Practice'- class details- Janine Trinindad 2013



Workshop Flyer - Janine


Intermediate Modern Jazz Fusion Dance–Class Details–2013/ Hernandez

Dates: June 8th-July 27th

Fridays 2:30-4:00

Teens & Adults/Intermediate

Description: This modern class infuses Ballet, Jazz and African dance styles.

Come dance along with TMA Jr. Company dancers and improve

technique, alignment, and absorb movements in a fast paced environment.

Come join the class the TMA Junior Company takes!

Instructor:  Marissa Hernandez

Jr. Company Director

TMA School General Manager

Associate Choreographer


Please contact instructor to register!

Call or e-mail for information


Step Aerobics--Class Details--Bucknell 2013


step aerobics summer 2013




Instructor: Lovie Bucknell


Please contact instructor to register!

Modern Contemporary Dance–Class Details–2013 Bucknell

Company Class Poster Summer '13

















Instructor: Lovie Bucknell

530.277-2046 or 478-1722

Please contact instructor to register!


Lovie Bucknell has studied modern dance since 1990 and specifically wishes to share her experiences in classes from ODC SF, Alonzo King’s Lines Dance Center, and University of Oregon

Her class gives students the opportunity to practice quick learning skills with challenging direction and timing changes.  Each class will cover a multitude of material, with no floor work.  Previous modern dance and ballet experience required.

Students wishing to improve mental clarity and efficiency;  and experience the joys of confidence with speed, will enjoy this class.  Highly recommended for students facing upcoming auditions.

This class doubles as company class for The Movement Alliance Dance Theatre Company (TMA) which Lovie directs.  Dancers for TMA are often invited from this class.

Ballet – Class Details

Holt Ballet Conservatory

Visit for information/complete and current schedule

Make Up Classes- contact Yelena Holt

Instructor: Yelena Holt


Please contact instructor to register!

See Summer Schedule


Ballet I is paced for dancers in their first 1st to 2nd years of serious ballet training.

Ballet II is designed toward dancers in their 2nd to 4th year of training;

the class includes pre-pointe exercises and boys’ jumps and turns

Ballet III is structured for the dancer who has studied ballet for 3 to 5 years

and has sufficient alignment, strength, and knowledge of steps to benefit from

the pace of the class.

Level I/II pointe is included for those who are ready

Ballet IV serves the most advanced level and includes pointe work at barre, center and in choreography.

Performing Ensemble is an audition class and is designed for those students at a level to adjudicate, showcase at festivals, and perform in community concerts.


Dress Code:

Dress Code:

Ages 8-18 girls: black leotard, pink

tights, pink ballet slippers.

Ages 8-adult males: white tee top,

black tights/leggings or bike shorts

for summer; white ankle socks;

white or black ballet slippers

Adult ladies:  black leotard, pink or

black tights, short ballet skirt, if

desired; pink ballet slippers

Hair: Girls and Ladies: a tidy bun,

bangs pinned out of face.

Hair: All Males:  Short or pulled out

Class Policies:

Limit jewelry to small pieces.

No gum or food during class.

We encourage you to arrive 10

minutes early to class to quietly

stretch and warm up.

Late arrivals: After 15 minutes

it is disruptive to the students

in the class to adjust their

placement at the barre, so

please enter quietly, sit, and

observe the lesson for the day.

Payment Policies:

Please call before class when

you know you must be absent

for the lesson.

Missed classes must be made

up within the month the

original class was missed.

Payment is due the first class

of the session.



Intro to Dance – Class Details – 2013

Dates: New Sessions forming for Summer 2013

Contact Marni Marshall to register.

Tuesdays 7:00-8:15 or Tuesdays 10-11:15.  Contact instructor if interested in either of these times or days at


Teens & Adults/All Levels

Instructor:  Marni Marshall

Please contact instructor to register!

This class is for the dancer with little or no experience; open to dancers at all levels.  For fun!


Our work in this class will be geared toward the beginning dancer, and those returning to dance after a hiatus. Get the basics down with individual attention.  Dance vocabulary and fundamental principles common to ballet and modern dance will be explored as we build confidence, coordination and strength in a safe environment.

Dress Code: Wear comfortable clothes to move in, layering encouraged

No shoes necessary


Modern Dance–Class Details- 2013/ LaMarca


Dates: Ongoing Class
Fridays 10:00am – 11:30am

Teens & Adults

Instructor:  Azriel LaMarca

Please contact instructor to register!

“We will dive into movement that pushes and pulls, yields into the floor and reaches into continual motion.  Release, breathe, move, enjoy!

A supportive and challenging class for the intermediate to advanced dancer.”