The Movement Alliance SCHOOL will provide opportunities for TMA professional dancers/ company members to work specifically in their fields through dance education.  The physical and emotional health of the students will be top priority through a fun, safe, and academic environment.  Students’ futures and evolutions will be a factor in the teaching standard while a feeling of ‘family’ will always be present.

TMA School will provide every effort to engage students of all – levels and all ages in the fine art of dance without a huge effort in the area of competition.

FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, the TMA School will introduce them to the joys of dance at a basic, creative and fun level, while the joy of various techniques will be introduced as well as the possibility of performance.

FOR OLDER CHILDREN, more focus on dance techniques and vocabularies also will be explored – as well as the art and joy of performance, choreography and the camaraderie and skill of group problem solving;  with every effort to prepare children with the experience necessary for high school dance programs.

FOR TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS, the school will also offer every advice and preparation for college and a possible career in dance.  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in the area of college-prep, with most of the educators having earned college degrees in dance or having directed schools of their own in the past.  The joy of being able to share this knowledge and empower these students is a large focus of the TMA School’s mission.

FOR MORE MATURE ADULTS, the TMA School will offer dance for joy and fitness as well as the opportunity to evolve and improve, relieve stress and build community.

Please join our family!!!

Donations can be made out to The Movement Alliance

and mailed to: P.O. Box 2336, Nevada City, CA 95959